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100_6479-melissa-1000pxI sincerely thank you for all your hard work to fix my Acura TL. After being hit on the freeway and “shopping” for the right auto body shop, I came across KK collision. You were detailed, thorough and professional. KK Collision was the only auto body shop to take a thorough look at my car and assess all damages, answer my one hundred questions and even called me throughout the week to make sure I was up to date on all progress with my car. Not to mention, the quick repair time of only three days!

Being a student and having a crazy work schedule, I dreaded the idea of having to deal with both a neglectful insurance company AND an auto body shop. To my surprise, you took care of BOTH these things and went beyond my expectations by returning my car washed and detailed! I could not be more satisfied!

Thank you John and KK Collision for the speedy return of my Acura TL. Feels great to have her back good as new!

Melissa H.,